Kundalini Yoga Classes

YogaKundalini yoga is yoga of awareness. It integrates dynamic asanas (postures) with mantras, breath awareness, mudras (hand gestures) and visualisation.

It helps to release blockages and recognise the old patterns, allowing us to be more ourselves and embrace our joy. It increases breath awareness and helps us to know ourselves on a more subtle cellular level. It grounds us in our real core so that we can shine our truth.

Kundalini yoga is taught in kriyas. A kriya is a sequence of postures designed for specific benefits to your mind, body and soul. Here are some examples of what kryas can do: open the the heart, release anger and other emotions, detox the liver,  stimulate endocrine glands and digestive system, help with elimination, release old energy, increase intuition or expand consciousness.

It is a rewarding spiritual practice that can significantly improve the quality of of our lives and the lives of others that we come into direct contact.

My personal practice with Kundalini yoga helped me in numerous ways – to heal some emotions, to understand the importance of correct breathing and how it affects me, to open my lungs and let more life in, to open my heart and to see myself in full acceptance, to go beyond duality and to see reality how it is rather that from my own projection. It it a practice that I turn to when I feel stuck and let go of something or need some healing, inspiration or clarity, it is an intrinsic part of my life and I am deeply grateful for it.

Weekly Classes

Jolita teaches regular Kundalini Yoga classes in Castelo de Vide.

Currently there are no classes.

Price: 5€ for a one and a half hour class, plus shared cost of space which is 5€, so if 5 people come that’s 1€ each.

All levels welcome. Please bring your yoga mat!

For more details please email jolita@redantart.eu