Conscious Connected Breathing (Rebirthing)

As our physical bodies need care and nurturing, so our souls. As we have been conditioned to be and behave in certain ways to fit into this society, we have been slowly betraying and alienating ourselves from our souls. We sometimes might hear or feel the call to do certain things or behave differently, but the language of articulation or expression might be burried deep down under emotional armour not allowing to act upon that call. We become shallow breathers trying unconsciously to protect our emotional wounds, as to face and heal them is quite a dedicated proccess.

The breath is our most natural healer that can bridge conscious with unconscious, bringing the emotions that need to be healed to the surfice.

I was one of those people, who at a certain point realised that I had to heal the suppressed in order to embrace and enjoy life to it’s fullest. One of the most healing modalities that I found was Rebirthing or Conscious Breathing. I was receiving the sessions with a gifted rebirther and realised that this healing modality will be an intrinsic part of my life.

I trained as a rebirther with Loenard Orr in 2011 and since then I have been offering Rebirthing sessions for people who want to open up, heal and change. It’s a ”therapy” beyond the mind, which involves a person laying down and breathing in a connected way until the healing energy brings unhealed emotions to the surfice. A client is encouraged to breathe through through these emotions by being a witness to them.

My role is to encourage continuos breathing and hold the space for healing to take place.

The session lasts 1½ to 2 hours depending on the process. I am very happy to serve.