South viewQuinta do Jardim Magico (The Magic Garden) is a 35 acre rustic estate in the Alto Alentejo, Portugal. The land is very mixed, with some small sections of forest, large rocks, hillsides, streams (for part of the year) and more. We’re letting the land return to native forest as much as possible, and planting a forest garden with fruit and nut trees and bushes in the areas around the house.

In the wild areas we have lots of pyrenean oak trees, some cork oak, and a few hawthorn and elder trees. In the cultivated areas there are lots of olive trees, some of which are 300 years old, an established orange, tangerine, mulberry and fig trees.

The medieval castle of Marvão watches over us on top of the hill. There are various footpaths you can follow to get to the village of Marvão and the castle which has amazing views of the surrounding area.

Marvao castle on the hill above us
Marvao castle on the hill above us

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