Energy Healing

In healing I channel the Universal healing energy and the energy from the heart. I use an intention for your specific needs and hold the space for healing to happen. I may use spontaneous colours, aromas, sounds or visualization. I can use guided meditation if this is desired. It is a deeply meditative state for me where I surrender to the hands of existence and let things flow. There is no control on my part, it it a work beyond the mind.

It is an integrated process that works on all levels – physical, mind, soul. You may feel different sensations like tingling, warmth or cold, feeling of love or oneness, also you may feel some emotions that need healing arising, or simply feel peace and relaxation. Each session is unique and is about surrendering to the healing.

I was sensitive to energies and drawn to healing since I was a child, experiencing altered states of consciousness when inhaling different smells, some would make me feel elevated and some would even make me physically sick. I was also very sensitive to sounds and colours. I also had a strong inherited healing intention and empathy towards other people’s pain and could feel their energies. This made me experiment with different healing modalities later in my life, including energy healing. I am very happy to assist your healing process and to bring more light and love into your life!