Creativity – Art, Pottery, Clothes Making

Home made clothesI believe that creativity is an essential part of all us. We are all born creative, it is a life force that keeps talking to us asking to be explored whether it comes as a dance, singing, playing music, painting, etc.

To me it is just listening effortlessly to that invisible source of infinite possibilities and putting things to practise.  I have been exploring my creative side since I was a child through making my own clothes, crocheting, embroidery. But being conditioned by the system and its rigid structure  I kept ignoring my creative urges and studied economics. Deep in my heart I felt ”dead”.  Only years later creative energy came so strongly that I no longer could ignore it. I started  arranging flowers, enrolled on a black and white photography course, pottery making course and later to the course called ”I can’t paint”. Painting always has been a daunting idea for Lamp made from non-firing clayme, but I couldn’t resist this course as it sounded like it was for people like me with a tremendous block. To my surprise I discovered that I had a big potential to paint. I realised very clearly that if I focus on the painting it would feel like some invisible source was guiding me. I still have creative blocks these days but I have been managing  to deal with and channel  this powerful energy.

I don’t stick to one form of expression – I go with the flow and paint when I feel, make cakes, create something from non firing clay, dye fabrics with plants, make my own clothes, etc.

To me creativity is source of joy and frustration, non stop exploration and knowing myself and life better.

I feel like I am ready to help others to rediscover their creativity and unblock their potential whether it would be technical or emotional support or both. Technical side would be painting with acrylics, making something from non firing clay, customising T-shirts, making very basic clothes and making cakes. To unblock the emotions we would work with yoga, meditation, breath and dance.