About Jolita

JolitaMy inquiry about myself and surrounding world led me to leave my home country many years ago.  I knew  I had to leave old conditioning imposed by the my parents, school and the culture. That strong desire to know myself brought me to live in London for many years where I could start self exploration through breathwork, yoga, energy healing, dance, arts, nutrition and travelling.

While pealing old layers of me I was discovering new me step by step. This has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

I met Rob while Living in London. His vision was to leave London and live on the land in a warmer country. I decided to take a risk and go with him as living closer to nature seemed like an alluring idea and I was getting tired of the intensity of London, also I wanted to do something different using all creative aspects of me.

Jolita playing drumWe bought a campervan and set off for a 2 and a half year journey throughout southern Europe looking for our “paradise land”. Finally our long journeys brought us to Portugal, where a piece of land found us. We were attracted to it’s diversity – part of it is turning to forest, there are wild rocks which hold the information of previous generations, and the agricultural part with old olive trees where we have been planting trees, bushes, flowers, vegetables.

To me it feels very natural to live on the land as it gives a bigger picture of real life. We are able to see the stars at night, follow the cycles of the Moon and seasons of the year. I love planting wild and fruit trees as trees represent a deeper connection to the Divine for me and also important for climate balance.

We are ready to do retreats as we are ready to share our love and knowledge with others. We offer holistic therapies, raw food and other activities. Let’s make this world a happier place!

I am an artist, healer, yoga teacher, passionate dancer, raw foodist, cake and chocolate therapist, researcher of longevity, wellbeing and happiness.

I have qualifications in Holistic massage, Thai massage, Chavutti Thirumal massage, Spiritual healing, Kundalini yoga teacher and I have also trained in Rebirthing with Leonard Orr.