Individual Personalised Retreat

Raw Food and Yoga Personal Retreat – Flexible dates in April, May and June 2016

Our retreat centre is not finished yet, but we are really wanting to welcome people here so we are offering individual personalised retreats for people who want to come and learn and heal but are happy with a lack of facilities.

Guest bedroom

We have one finished guest bedroom ready just for you. A compost toilet. A temporary kitchen where we can prepare delicious food for you. And lots of beautiful nature.

The Basics

The retreat is fully customisable, from the options below. The price is £750 for 7 nights which includes all activities, food and accommodation. Extra nights are £100 per night. To book please see our booking and availability calendar here or email if you have any questions.

Limited Facilities

  • Compost toilet
    Compost toilet

    no shower – we shower once a week at a public facility, we can take you to the local swimming pool for a more regular shower and we have a washing area with flowing cold stream water and you can boil the kettle for hot water.

  • no taps – but there is a spring for drinking water and a stream running right next to the house. You will need to boil a kettle if you want hot water.
  • Washing area
    Washing area

    no electricity in the guest room – but candles and a torch are available and if you want to charge your phone or camera you can do this in the main house.

  • the bed is a simple mattress on the floor.

Workshops, Therapies and Activities

This is a 100% personalised retreat for one person at a time. Each day (6 days per week) you get the personal attention of Jolita or Rob for 4 hours, choosing from the following:

Jolita will offer:

  • Holistic yoga / Kundalini yoga tailored to each individual –  which would include asanas, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation.
  • Therapeutic massage to soothe aches and pains, promote relaxation and awareness, to release mental and physical tension, to increase energy flow. (Maximum 3 massages per week.)
  • Rebirthing / conscious breathing  for releasing physical and mental tension, for recognizing and helping to release old patterns, old traumas and embracing new energies.
  • Energy healing to release blocked energy and old patterns, to promote physical and emotional healing.
  • Learn how to make raw cakes
    Learn how to make raw cakes

    Raw Food Preparation Workshops including cakes and chocolate.

  • Art and Creativity – we can provide canvas and acrylic paints for you to explore your creativity, Jolita can give technical help. Or you can create simple pottery with non-fired clay. Or learn to customise your own t-shirt.

Read more about Jolita. If  you have questions about any of Jolita’s activities, please email her on

Rob will offer:

  • Wild food – Learn about the range of wild food you can forage for yourself. This will consist mostly of foraging walks, although we can also look at books to see plants and berries which are not currently in season.
  • Raw Food Preparation Workshops – Learn how to make a range of sweet and savoury raw food, and learn about the equipment including blender and food processor, again tailored to what you are interested in.
  • Fermentation Workshops – Learn how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, jun (honey kombucha) and other fermented drinks.
  • Nutrition / Diet discussion – If you want to improve your diet, we can talk about what you are currently eating and how you can make changes.
  • Walking / hiking – Rob will take you on some walks in nature around the area, tailored to your fitness level (although note that it is quite a hilly area). The 4 hours maximum doesn’t apply to this activity, we can go walking all day if that’s what you want to do! (Weather permitting.)
  • Forest Gardening / Permaculture / Sustainable Living – Discussion on these topics. I’ve done a Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) and have been planting our own forest garden but note that I am a beginner and still learning!

Read more about Rob. If  you have questions about any of Rob’s activities, please email him on

Example timetables

Below are a couple of example timetables. They are both quite different, and yours could be different again, with complete control as to how your days are structured. You can create your own timetable, or we can help you create it once you arrive. Plus it’s not set in stone, you can change it throughout the week if you discover something you would like to do more of.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Rebirthing All day walk in nature with wild food identification 1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Rebirthing 1½ hours Yoga
2½ hours Fermented foods 1 hour Food prep 1 hour Diet discussion Rest of day Art 2½ hours Food Prep
1½ hour Massage 1½ hours Food Prep
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Yoga 1½ hours Yoga
1½ hours Massage ½ hour Energy Healing 1½ hours Massage ½ hour Energy Healing 1½ hours Massage 2½ hours Food prep
1 hour wild food walk 2 hours Food Prep 1 hour Food Prep 2 hours Walk 1 hour Diet discussion

When you arrive we can discus your timetable, and you can change it throughout your stay if you decide you want to do more of certain activities.

Practical Details

One day per week (usually Saturday) we go to the market and go shopping, you can join us for this if you want, or have the day to yourself.

On Thursday’s Jolita usually teaches a Kundalini Yoga class in the local town, you are welcome to join this class if you want.

On Friday evening Rob usually leads a movement meditation dance in the local town which again you can participate if you want.

The rest of the time you can relax in the garden, go walking, read, etc. You can read from our bookshelves a wide range of books on raw food, diet/nutrition, healing, forest gardening, permaculture, etc.

Diet / Meals

All food is included, 3 meals per day plus snacks. Rob eats a mostly raw diet, Jolita eats some raw/some cooked so you can have flexibility in how you eat. Most of our food is gluten free, please tell us if you need to be strictly gluten free.

We usually eat fish or meat twice a week, the rest of the time vegetarian with some dairy and eggs. We can very easily cater to vegetarian or vegan diets, and you can eat all raw if you want.

We eat local seasonal food as much as possible, some of which is organic, most of the rest is from very small scale growers and is probably organic but not confirmed. And depending on the season some food is from our own land. There are no organic shops anywhere near us so things like avocados, coconuts and some fruit is not organic.

No smoking in the houses and around outside in the gardens.


Near Marvão, Alentejo, Portugal. We can pick you up from the local village of Santo Antonio das Areias whenever you arrive. We can also pickup/drop off from the city of Portalegre if you arrive/depart on a Saturday.


Price: £750 for 7 night. £100 per each extra night.
Dates: Flexible dates in April, May and June 2016

To book please see our booking and availability calendar here or email if you have any questions.

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